HLS-PIFS roundtables facilitate dialogue among academics, government officials and private-sector experts on an emerging policy issue for the global financial system. HLS-PIFS roundtables focus on topics including: the Role of Asset Management in ESG Investing, the Rise of Private Equity and the COVID-19 Impact on Capital Markets. HLS-PIFS roundtables are invitation-only and limited to approximately 55 participants drawn from markets including, Asia, Europe, and the United States among others. Virtual roundtables are typically half-day programs. All participants are encouraged to participate in the open dialogue, which is facilitated by discussion leaders that also deliver opening remarks. HLS-PIFS roundtables are subject to Chatham House Rules.



Climate Roundtable


April 14, 2022
Via Videoconference



The Rise of Passive Investing: Corporate Governance, Systemic Risk and Index Construction


September 27, 2019
The Charles Hotel
One Bennett Street Cambridge, MA 02138

Resolving and Stress Testing Global Banking Institutions


September 4-5, 2019
The European Central Bank
Sonnemannstra├če 20, 60314 Frankfurt am Main, Germany



An International Perspective on the Future of Bank Stress Testing


November 16, 2018
The Loeb House
17 Quincy Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

Ring-Fencing the Global Banking System: The Shift Towards Financial Regulatory Protectionism


May 16, 2018
Harvard Law School
Wasserstein Hall, 1585 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA