Program on International Financial Systems

The mission of the Program on International Financial Systems (PIFS) is to enhance the role of regulation in building the global financial system of the 21st century. PIFS collaborates with Harvard Law School Executive Education on certain training programs for regulators and Harvard Law School is a non-financial sponsor of PIFS’ international symposia and special events.


PIFS hosts three annual international symposia that each bring together over 100 senior policymakers, business leaders and academics for two-and-a-half days of private discussions.

U.S.-Japan (since 1998)
U.S.-Europe (since 2002)
U.S.-China (since 2004)


PIFS conducts research on the laws and regulations that govern financial markets and institutions.

U.S. Cryptoasset Market Structure and Regulation (2023)

U.S. Treasury Market Structure (2022)
Cloud Services & Financial Companies (2021)

Training Seminars

PIFS delivers training programs and policy development seminars for regulators.

International Organization of Securities Commissions
Qatar Financial Centre Regulatory Authority
People’s Bank of China


PIFS hosts lectures and fireside chats with senior policymakers, financial industry executives and academic experts.

David Malpass,
Former President, World Bank
Paul Singer,
President, Elliott Management
James Gorman,
CEO, Morgan Stanley

Special Events

PIFS hosts private roundtables focused on policy issues confronting the global financial system.

Policy Issues in Asset Management (2023)
Central Bank Digital Currencies (2023)
Regulatory Reform in the U.K. and U.S. (2024)