Roundtable on Policy Issues in Asset Management

September 26, 2023

Washington, DC

On behalf of the Program on International Financial Systems (PIFS) and Harvard Law School (HLS), I would like to invite you to deliver panel remarks at the 2023 HLS-PIFS “Roundtable on Policy Issues in Asset Management”. This Roundtable will be held in Washington, DC on Tuesday, September 26th from 9:30am-3:30pm.

Attendees will include approximately 70 academics, private sector executives, and government officials, including senior staff from financial regulatory authorities. Commissioner Crenshaw has confirmed a keynote address and pending European keynotes include AMF Chair Barbat-Layani and BaFin President Mark Branson.

 This invitation-only roundtable will focus on policy issues facing the asset management industry with a focus on corporate governance, voting and engagement and the overall impact of regulatory proposals, including recent SEC proposals as well as the prospect of the Financial Stability Oversight Council designating large asset managers as “systemically important financial institutions.”