Hal S. Scott, Emeritus Professor, Harvard Law School; President, PIFS

Tim Massad, Senior Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School of Government; Adjunct Professor of Law, Georgetown Law School

Panel Remarks

Eric Rosengren, President and CEO, Boston Federal Reserve Bank

Yao Qian, General Director of Fintech Supervision Department, China Securities Regulatory Commission

Ulrich Bindseil, Director General, Market Infrastructure and Payments, European Central Bank

Shinichi Uchida, Executive Director, Bank of Japan


Moderated by:

Hal S. Scott, Emeritus Professor, Harvard Law School; President, PIFS

Tim Massad, Senior Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School of Government; Adjunct Professor of Law, Georgetown Law School


Closing Remarks

Participation List

Georges Affaki 

Professor, University of Paris 

Lauren Anderson 

Senior Vice President, Bank Policy Institute 

Samuel Andrew 

Counsel, Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP 

James Angel 

Associate Professor, Georgetown University 

Douglas Arner 

Director, Asian Institute of International Financial Law, University of Hong Kong 

Hitoshi Asano 

Director, ABeam Consulting 

Caroline Asensio 

Trainee, ESMA 

David Asher 

Senior Fellow, Hudson University 

Sophie Asselot 

Natixis, Head of Public Affairs 

Joe Barry 

Global Head Regulatory, Industry, Government Affairs, State Street 

Stefania Bartucci 

Senior Economist, Government of Canada 

Francois Baudu 

Secretary General, Government of Canada 

William Beach 

U.S. Treasury Representative for Europe, U.S. Treasury Department 

Brandon Becker 

Deputy General Counsel, DTCC 

Antoine Begasse 

Finance Counselor, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston 

Robert Bench 

AVP, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston 

Kenneth Bentsen 

President & CEO, SIFMA/GFMA 

Priya Bindra 

Executive Director, Morgan Stanley 

Ulrich Bindseil 

Deputy director General of Banking and Financial Supervision, Deutsche Bundesank 

Sir William Blair 

Professor, Queen Mary University of London 

Karen Braun-Munzinger 

Deputy director general of banking and financial supervision, Deutsche Bundesank 

Max Burger 

Director, Golien LTD 

László Butt 

Economist, European Commission 

Corrado Camera 

Senior Advisor, Office of the U.S. Treasury Representative for Europe, U.S. Mission to European Union 

James Chang 

Consulting Leader, PwC China 

Howard Chao 

Principal, Doon Capital 

Despina Chatzimanoli 

Senior Legal Expert, European Banking Authority 

Martin Chorzempa 

Senior Fellow, PIIE 

Diana Choyleva 

Chief economist, Enodo Economics 

Lily Chu 

Special Counsel, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission 

Rebecca Chua 

Managing Partner, Premia Partners Company Limited 

Carlos Conesa 

Associate Director General, Banco de España 

Joanna Cound 

Managing Director, BlackRock 

James Cunha 

SVP, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston 

Jeff Dawson 

Research Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of New York 

Panos Delimatsis 

Professor, Tilburg University 

Gonzalo Dionis 

Vice President, Research, Bank Policy Institute 

Robert Dohner 

Non-resident Senior Fellow, The Atlantic Council 

Thomas Dohrn Counselor, German Embassy 

Andreas Dombret 

Global Senior Advisor, Oliver Wyman 

Paul Dozier 

Director, Guggenheim Partners 

Darrell Duffie 

Professor, Stanford University 

John Dugan 

Chair of the Board of Directors, CITI 

Pierre duPont 

Partner, Cerity Partners 

Lisa Emsbo-Mattingly 

Director of Research, Fidelity Investments 

Wilson Ervin 

Vice-Chairman at Credit Suisse, Banbridge 

Frankie Evans 

Manager, HM Treasury, UK 

Fabiana Fedeli 

Global Head of Fundamental Equities, Robeco 

Jim Febeo 

Head of Federal Government Relations and Public Policy Group, Fidelity Investments 

Caroline Frawley 

Senior Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of NY 

Bob Friedman Partner 

Akio Fujii Chair of Editorial Board, Nikkei 

Nishio Fumikazu Director, Government Relations Japan, PayPal 

Zhanjun Gao Visiting Scholar, Harvard University 

Alicia García-Herrero 

Adjunct Professor/ Chief Economist, HKUST/ Natixis 

Adam Gilbert 

Partner, PwC 

Simon Gleave ASPAC Head of Financial Services, KPMG 

Steven Goldenberg Partner 


Edward Greene 

Senior Lecturer in Law, Columbia Law School 

Betsy Graseck 

Managing Director, Morgan Stanley 

William Grimes 

Professor of International Relations and Political Science, Boston University 

Francis Gross 

Senior Adviser, European Central Bank 

Lyric Hughes Hale Director of Research, Davis Polk 

Lauren Hargraves 

Senior Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of NY 

Nikitas Hatzimihail Associate Professor of Law, University of Cyprus 

Zhiguo He Professor of Finance, University of Chicago 

Andy Heiskell 

Analyst, Wellington Management 

Stephanie Heller 

Executive Vice President and General Counsel, The Clearing House 

Scott Hendry 

Senior Director, Bank of Canada 

Corinna Heucke Senior Expert, Deutsche Bundesbank 


Eiji Hirano Director and Vice Chairman, MetLife Insurance K.K 

Isao Hishikawa 

Chief Officer for International Affairs & Research, Japan Securities Dealers Association 

Michael Ho Principal, Oliver Wyman 

Alan Houmann 

Managing Director Head of Government Affairs, Citigroup 

Lisa Hunt 

Executive VP – Head of International, Charles Schwab 

Robert Hunter 

Director of Regulatory and Legislative Affairs & Deputy General Counsel, The Clearing House 

Eva Hüpkes 

Head of Regulatory and Supervisory Policies, FSB 

Jesus Ibanez 

Head of the Global Markets Unit, Bank of Spain 

Toshiyasu Iiyama 

Executive Managing Director, Nomura Holdings, Inc. 

Charles Ilako Executive Chairman, St Helena Financial Services Regulatory Authority 

Ellie Ioannou Student, Queen Mary, University of London 

Yoshio Ishitani 

Financial Counsellor, The Mission of Japan to the European Union 

Takatoshi Ito 

Professor, Columbia University 

Howell Jackson 

Professor, Harvard Law School 

Stephane Janin Head of Global Regulatory Development, J.P. Morgan 

Donald Kanak 

Chairman, Prudential Insurance Growth Markets, Prudential Corporation Asia 

Vanessa Kargenian 

Director, Research, Fidelity Investments 

Izumi Kazuhara 

Executive Director, CME Group 

Philip Keitel Vice President & Associate General Counsel, The Clearing House 

Brian Kelly 

Managing Partner, ACQ Capital, LLC 

Peter Kerstens Advisor, European Commission 

Marie Kissel 

Sr. Advisor Intl Govt Affairs, Abbott 

Aaron Klein 

Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution 

Tetsuya Kodama Vice Chairman for the Asia Pacific, Barclays 

Andrew Kuritzkes 

Executive Vice President, State Street Corporation 

Terk Ming Kwong 

Executive Director, Goldman Sachs (Singapore) Pte. 

Katja Langenbucher 

Professor, Goethe University 

Michael Law 

Advisor to Executive Director for China, International Monetary Fund 

Rebecca Terner Lentchner Head of Government and Regulatory Policy, Asia Pacific, Citadel 

Cindy Li 

Risk and Policy Advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco 

Claire Li 

Analyst, Moody’s Investors Service 

John Lipsey Head of Global Policy, S&P Global 

Zhiyong Liu 

China GR Policy Director, PayPal 

Jean-Remi Lopez Director of Government Relations for Asia Pacific, DTCC Hong Kong Limited 


Jason Mahoney 

Special Counsel, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission 

José Manuel Marqués head of Financial Innovation Division, Bank of Spain 

Katherine Martin 

Managing Director, Rock Creek Global Advisors LLC 

José Ramón Martínez Economist, Bank of Spain 

Tim Massad Consultant; Adjunct Professor of Law, Georgetown Law 

Oki Matsumoto Chairman & CEO, Monex Group, Inc. 

Richard Mattione 

Researcher, NichiLA Research 

Matthew McDermott 

Head of Digital Assets, Goldman Sachs 

Peter McKillop Founder, Climate & Capital Media 

Dinny McMahon Banking and Financial Markets, Endo Economics 

H.R. McMaster 

Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution 

Leo Melamed Chairman & CEO, Melamed & Associates, Inc. 

Kevin Mellyn President, KL Mellyn Advisory 

Lev Menand Academic Fellow, Lecturer in Law, and Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Columbia Law School 

Scott Minerd Chairman of Investments, Guggenheim Partners 

Adam Minick Director, Corporate Strategy, CME Group 

Jacques Mistral 

Professor Emeritus, IFRI 

Martin Moloney Director General, Jersey Financial Services Commission 

Matthias Müller Deputy Head of International Affairs, Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA 

Arthur Murton Deputy to the Chairman for Financial Stability, FDIC 

Takaaki Nakajima 

Retired, PwC 

Noriko Nasu 

Executive Officer, Director General of Internal Audit Dept., Japan Bank for International Cooperation 

Richard Neiman Board member & Chair of Audit & Compliance Committee, Coinbase Custody Trust Company 

William Nelson Professor, Georgetown University 

Darby Nielson Managing Director of Research, Fidelity Investments 

Tatsufumi Nihei Director, Abeam Consulting 

Keith Noreika Partner, Simpson Thacher 

Helene Oger-Zaher 

Director, FCA 

Hiroshi Okada Director, Strategy Development Division, Japan FSA 

Lyndon Oliver Executive Vice President & Treasurer, MetLife 

William Overholt 

Senior Research Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School 

Frank Packer Regional Adviser, Bank for International Settlements 

Suyash Paliwal Director, Office of International Affairs, US CFTC 

Theresa Paraschac Executive Director, Global Government Relations & Business Innovation, DTCC 

Allison Parent Executive Director, GFMA 

Hugh Patrick Chairman, Center on Japanese Economy and Business, Columbia Business School 

Tara Payne AVP, Communications, Bank Policy Institute 

Joanna Perkins Chief Executive, Financial Markets Law Committee 

Natalie Pettinger Kearney Deputy Head EU Regulatory & Public Affairs, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP 

Denise Pieck Managing Director, Head of Capital, Morgan Stanley 

Winnie Pun MD / Head of APAC Public Policy, BlackRock 

Yao Qian General Director of Fintech Supervision Department, China Securities Regulatory Commission 


Yide Qiao Vice Chairman & Secretary General, Shanghai Development Research Foundation 

Raghuram Rajan Professor, Booth School 

Jens Reich Senior Economist, Deutsche Bundesbank 

Nickolas Reinhardt Director, Afore Consulting 

David Richards Managing Director, Chief Administrative Officer, Morgan Stanley MUFG Securities Co., Ltd. 

Eric Rosengren President & CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston 

Randall Ross 

Head of Public Affairs, Nomura 

Kyle Russ 

Managing Director, Goldman Sachs 

Brian Sack Director of Global Economics, DE Shaw 

Karina Sadana Group Legal Counsel at GCM GLOBAL ENERGY PLC, Queen Mary University London 

Reena Sahni Partner, Shearman & Sterling LLP 

Atsushi Sakai 

Senior Fellow to the KKR Global Institute, KKR Japan Limited 

Kurt Schacht Managing Director, CFA Institute Systemic Risk Council 

Hal S. Scott 

Emeritus Professor, Harvard Law School; President, PIFS 

Stephanie Segal Senior Fellow, Center for Strategic & International Studies 

David Semaya Executive Chairman & Representative Director, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Asset Management Co., Ltd 

Paul Sheard Research Fellow, Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government, Harvard Kennedy School 

Kazuyuki Shiba Principal Ecnomist, Institute for International Monetary Affairs (IIMA) 

James Shinn Co-Founder, Predata, Inc. 

Mark Siegel Portfolio Manager, Elliott Management 

Cecilia Skingsley First Deputy Governor, Sveriges Riksbank 

Mark Slaughter Retired DG-Investment-UK Dept for Int Trade, UK Dept for International Trade 

Julia Smearman Deputy Director, Department of Treasury 

Richard Sokolow Director of Research, Davidson Kempner Capital Management 

Dafina Stewart Senior Vice President, Associate General Counsel, Bank Policy Institute 

Vladimir Stolyarenko 

Senior Fellow, PIFS 

Matt Swinehart Director, Office of International Financial Markets 

Valerie Szczepanik Director, FinHub, US SEC 

Margaret Tahyar Partner and Co-Head of Financial Institutions Group, Davis Polk & Wardwell LLP 

Hideyuki Thatcher Director & Chairman, State Street Trust and Banking Co., Ltd. 

Yuta Takanashi Director for International Digital Strategy, Financial Services Agency, Japan 

Heath Tarbert 

Chief Legal Officer, Citadel Securities 


Glenn Tiffert Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University 

Jurrien Timmer Director of Global Macro, Fidelity Investments 

Emiliano Tornese Deputy Head of Unit, European Commission 

Sean Tully Sr. Managing Director Financial & OTC Products, CME Group 

Shinichi Uchida Executive Director, Bank of Japan 

Daisuke Ueda Visiting Scholar, Johns Hopkins University 

Kazuo Ueda Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo 

Hector Danny Uy Vice President for Legal Affairs / Assoc. Professor, University of the Philippines 

Diego Valiante Team Leader, European Commission 

Mark Van Der Weide 

General Counsel, Federal Reserve Board 

Christina Wejshammar 

Head of Payments Department, Sveriges Riksbank 

Jason Weller Managing Director, Corporate Strategy, CME Group 


Olivia White Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company 

Olga Wittchen Banking Policy Expert, Deutsche Bundesbank 

Shannon Wright 

International Affairs Analyst, Aflac International 

Christopher Wu 

Managing Director, Blue Pool Capital 

Yuyqiang Xiao General Manager, ICBC New York Branch 

Chenggang Xu Professor, Imperial College London 

Takahiro Yamakawa Deputy Director, Financial Services Agency 

Naoyuki Yoshino Professor Emeritus, Keio University Japan 

Sharon Yuan President, The Asia Group LLC 

Wenyan Zhu 

Research Associate, Davidson Kempner Asia Limited 

Luigi Zingales Robert C. McCormack Distinguished Service Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance, University of Chicago Booth School of Business 

Andrew Zvirzdin Financial Economist, U.S. Department of State